‘Khaidi No. 150’ releases farmers


Film: Khaidi No. 150. Banner: Konidela Production Company. Story: A R Murugadoss. Telugu Script: Paruchuri Brothers. Dialogues: Sai Madhav Burra, Vema Reddy. Lyrics: Devisri Prasad, Srimani and Ramajogaiah Sastry. Photography: R Ratnavelu. Editing:Gauthamraju. Music: Devisri Prasad. Producer: Ram Charan. Screenplay-Direction: VV Vinayak. Artistes: Chiranjeevi, Kajal Agarwal, Tharun Aurora, Brahmanandam, Ali, Posani Krishnamurali, Raghubabu, Jayaprakash Reddy, Pruthviraj and others. Guest Appearance: Raai Lakshmi, Ram Charan and VV Vinayak.

The tagline ‘Boss is back’ denotes Chiranjeevi is returning to the film industry after a gap of nine years. A successful Tamil movie ‘Kathi’ is the basic subject of the prestigious 150th movie of Chiranjeevi. The film has come with several expectations and the speciality of is that Ram Charan, son of Chiranjeevi himself produced the movie. Let us see whether the movie filled the nine-year void between Chiranjeevi and the audiences in general (Mega fans in particular).

Farmer is the backbone of the country. We are listening the breaking sound of that backbone very often. Lakhs of farmers are committing suicide every year. The farmers’ land is being grabbed by corporate companies. The farmers are turning agricultural labour and are becoming the neighbours for their own village. These points have become the subject matter and it reflects the latest situation. However, the corporate powers are not directly grabbing the land from the farmers. The democratic government elected by us and are grabbing the land from the farmers in the name of development. It is the defect of the government to resort to arrests, firings, cases, non-remunerative agriculture and robbing of farmers. Unless the government opens the doors, not even the corporate thieves but any kind of thieves could not enter into it. But the politicians are pushing the error on the corporate and are silently looking at the drama.

Coming into the story – Katti Seenu is a convict. When another convict escapes, he uses his intelligence and makes him caught by the Jail officials. As the other convict was caught with the help of Seenu, the jail officials think that their inefficiency will be known to the outside world. So, they plan to kill Seenu. Meanwhile, Seenu leaves Kolkatha and enters into the house of a small time thief Ali in Hyderabad. Later, he wanted to go abroad without any notice to police by securing a passport. However, he meets Lakshmi (Kajal) in the airport. When she asks him pen, Seenu gives away his heart and cancels his abroad trip. At this juncture, Shankar (Chiranjeevi) was shot and Seenu saves him and admits him in hospital. Later Seenu shifts Shankar to his place and he takes the place of Shankar. Shankar goes to jail and Seenu who turns Shankar as he was lured by the money, comes to know who is Shankar and what was his goal? Why he wanted to save farmer and the farmer’s land. This forms part of the remaining part of the movie.

Basically, the land should turn wet either with the water or with the tears of the farmers, this is the basic plot of the movie. However, the story ignores the main culprits behind the corporate powers. The director tried to elevate the hero all the time and did not concentrate on the actual story behind the movie.  It did not really reach the audiences. All the action scenes, fights, dialogues and everything remained stereotype. The movement of the story appears that the director wanted to make the film a success by elevating the heroism. Severe pressure was kept on the dialogue writer and they were forced to pen punch dialogues. Though the dialogues are good to here, they give a feel of watching a stage play. Though the songs are routine, their choreography was made in beautiful locations and attracted the Mega fans. At times, the songs have remained speed breakers for the movement of the story.

All the action scenes are good to watch. Though Chiranjeevi is 61, he entertained the audiences like a young man. There is no need for special mention about his performance. He did dual roles in the movie. He looked quite handsome. Kajal is the heroine for namesake and has nothing much to perform and was almost restricted for songs as usual. Brahmanandam is routine in his comedy track. Raghubabu tried his best to entertain the audiences. Posani  and Ali are just okay. All the characters are already seen in one film or the other. The real feel is missing in the film. Though there is a song ‘Neeru Neeru Neeru.. Raithu Kanta Neeru’ is only to sing and the eyes of audience did not even turn wet. The director believed in the story, and more on the lead artiste and did a film exclusively for the lead artiste. He wove a story around the hero and not the hero’s character around the story. Somehow, the film remained only a Chiranjeevi’s movie. The film would definitely attract the Mega fans and there is no doubt about it.

Rating : 3/5