When did Lokesh become CM?!


This question is making moves in the social media from Tuesday. Nara Chandrababu Naidu’s only son Nara Lokesh has become the CM of Andhra Pradesh. How is it possible? Why the entire media is mum on this subject? Why not there is any scrolling in any channel. Why the news channels are hiding this fact. Many people called up the news channels and other media organisations. Confused at this, the media companies started making phone calls to TDP offices. Finally, by the evening everyone came to know that it is not true. By that time, the news reached outside countries as well.

Now the point to be noted here is that, ‘The official twitter account in the name of the Andhra Pradesh CM is being used by Lokesh. Lokesh reportedly watched the preview of ‘Gauthami Putra Shatakarni’ of his maternal uncle and his father-in-law Balakrishna and other artistes. He reportedly posted a tweet on the twitter that “I watched ‘Gauthami Putra Shatakarni’ and my uncle Balayya and other artistes’ performance is mesmerising. With their extraordinary performance they attracted everyone.”

However, people were surprised that how Lokesh could tweet in Chief Minister’s official twitter account, though he may have seen his uncle’s movie. A CM’s official social media account can’t be used by his son. There is a specific protocol. In addition, by using he posted a tweet which is like publicity to a film. So… like this, Lokesh had turned the CM. It is a surprise that Balakrishna’s film is slated for release on January 13 (Friday) and it is not known when and where he watched the movie in advance.