Pruthvi’s edited scenes included


Popular comedian Pruthvi of ‘Khadgam’-fame made certain remarks on his character in Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s prestigious 150th film and comeback movie, ‘Khaidi No. 150’. He says he is very happy for being a part of Chiranjeevi’s 150th movie. However, he felt bad for editing his scenes on the pretext of reducing the runtime of the movie. He felt that the act made him feel bad as if ‘his mother died on Sankranti’ day. These remarks hurt VV Vinayak and gave an explanation.

He says, “I personally called up Pruthvi and told him that they are editing his scenes to reduce the runtime. But Pruthvi’s remarks pinched his heart a lot. Chiranjeevi too felt bad after reading them in newspapers, who called Vinayak to include his scenes and let the audiences had a hearty laugh though the runtime goes up by some 40 minutes. Hence the scenes that were trimmed were included to the film again.”